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AISH prides itself on being a close community of Heads and Deputy Heads of International Schools and Supporting Members of organizations that support International Schools.



The Individual Membership is open to current and former International School Heads and Deputy/Assistant Heads.

◾ Annual Membership Fee: $475 USD
◾ Valid 1 September 2020 - 31 August 2021
◾ Multiple year memberships now available



If you are a Head of a small, underfunded international School, you may qualify for a reduced membership for $100 for one year. 

We aim to serve International School Heads, advocating and offering support and professional learning. By participating on AISHnet and having access to AISH’s Resource Library, Heads at small, underfunded schools will get answers to leadership questions and learn about innovative practices at schools worldwide. 

We understand that many schools pay the individual membership fee for Head and that support may be limited in small schools that are underfunded. If this is your situation, please contact
Deb Welch for more information about application: 



If you are a fully “retired” Head of an International School (not currently employed), we would like you to remain in the AISH community! Membership is available to you for a reduced fee of $200/year. Simply click registration button below. 

We welcome you to serve as mentors in the Leadership Mentoring & Coaching program and to provide insightful responses to questions posted on AISHnet. 

Please email Deb Welch at for more information about how to be involved. 



Enjoy free attendance at Oasis Day and AISH’s annual meeting, a professional development opportunity in February each year, that features topics on the cutting edge of learning and leading.

Summer Seminar, AISH’s signature event in July, includes five days in a retreat setting where you can develop your leadership skills and connect with colleagues.

At the New & Aspiring Heads Institute, you can develop the skills you need for the Headship, as well as gain insight into the process of acquiring a position.

Online resources include access to thousands of surveys provided by International School Heads on AISH’s private, members’ only resource bank.

Our online Leadership series provides courses based on AISH's Leadership Resource and Standards of Excellence for the International School Head.



AISHnet is AISH’s members’ only private forum which enables you to ask questions and gain advice from trusted colleagues.

AISH’s “Leadership Resource/ Standards of Excellence for the International School Head,” provides a research-based approach to growth and development. The Standards can be used for self-assessment and goal setting as well as an evaluation tool.

The Resource includes research citations, examples of evidence, and artifacts from International School Heads.



AISH advocates for International School Heads on issues of significance for individuals as well as groups. Advocating takes the form of coaching, arranging forums for dialogue, endorsements of products and services, and providing written support.



AISH collaborates with other international organizations to provide services:

The Leadership Mentoring & Coaching program is jointly sponsored with the Assoc. for the Advancement of Inter-national Education (AAIE).

AISH was a founding member of the International Task Force for Child Protection (ITFCP) which addresses the notion that joint initiatives are proven ways to get the best results.

AISH is a Supportive Member of Regional Organizations in the world for the advancement of international education including EARCOS, MAIS, ECIS, Tri-Association, AASSA, AISA and TAISI. We participate in conferences and workshops provided by these organi-zations and support their professional learning initiatives.




The Supporting Membership is open to organizations and companies that provide services and support to International School Heads and Deputy/Assistant Heads.

◾ Annual Supporting Membership Fee: $750 USD
◾ Valid 1 September 2020 - 31 August 2021
◾ Multiple year memberships are available

Contact the AISH office to join!



You are able to provide a free ad to all AISH members on the members only website via a Supporting Members newsletter and direct email twice per year.

Plus, each month, A Supporting Member is featured in an interview/article on the members' website.



Your organization’s logo is displayed on AISH's external and member home page with a link to your website.

Your organization is listed in AISH publications for all conferences and seminars. You are also able to provide members with flyers and materials from your organization at these functions.



You can attend selected Academy events, including the annual meeting.

You are offered the option of sponsoring a speaker or activity at one of AISH’s events.