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Summer Seminar 

7-11 July 2020

in Barcelona, Spain at 

Universitas Telefónica,

Home Groups are an opportunity to give and receive support from colleagues in a small group.  With the purpose to deepen understanding about a perplexing issue at school or to reflect upon each day’s learning, Home Groups provide time to connect with others in a small group and gain new insights. 


HeadTalks provide a forum for sharing a practice or project at your organization that is having an impact.  Presented as ten-minute 
“pitches,” they offer a wealth of promising practices and innovative ideas for international leaders. 

Late afternoon and evening activities include exploring Barcelona, Quiz Night, and a variety of optional activities from walking, jogging, biking, golfing, and volleyball, to yoga and meditation. 

A strand will be offered for  the first time for spouses/ partners with day options around culture, food, shopping, and nature. Group or individual activities will be featured, as well as local guides or advice. 

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Facilitated by:

Shelley Paul and Jacinta Williams

Shelley Paul

provides professional coaching, strategic consulting and facilitation for school leaders and their teams. Her most recent school role was Head of Research and Learning Design at Atlanta International School. 


With more than 20 years of experience in independent/international education and adult learning, she brings a unique background and deep expertise in collaborative leadership, participatory problem-solving and decision-making, strategic process design and group facilitation to her work and engagement with school leaders, teams and communities.

Shelley is a Stanford trained design thinker and team mentor. She models and facilitates ways of working that work. She will draw you a stick figure version of anything you request.  Contact:

Jacinta Williams is Head of Equity and Inclusion at Atlanta International School. Jacinta is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practitioner with over 16 years of experience in education. 

As a former teacher, instructional coach, a DEI leader at a national and local non-profit organizations, and DEI consultant, she brings a wealth of context and experience with engaging individuals, teams, schools, and education-focused organizations in strategically addressing challenging and complex issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and incorporating it into systems and structures as well as programming,  teaching and learning and professional development. Contact:


Registration is open to all current and former International School Heads and Deputy/Assistant Heads.


Shelley Paul

Jacinta Williams


AISH’s Summer Seminar is a unique opportunity to reflect, connect and renew. Open to all school Heads and Deputy Heads, participants consistently rate the experience as the year’s best professional development for them as a leader at the helm. This year will be particularly special as we celebrate AISH’s 20th year of providing advocacy, support, and professional development “for Heads by Heads.” 

Relevant and personalized learning from the Seminar’s content, meaningful interaction with colleagues, support and insights from Home Groups, replicable ideas gained with HeadTalks, and the evening cultural activities, all will combine to create an unforgettable experience. 


The Seminar will be expertly facilitated by Jacinta Williams and Shelley Paul, two educators/consultants who will facilitate us in exploring the following topics: 


  • Intercultural Competency: the ability to deeply understand, value and adapt to cultural differences, is a mindset and a set of knowledge, skills and behaviors. How to develop this competency to facilitate every member of the community feeling seen, heard, treated fairly, and protected? Through scenarios and stories, we will explore seven dimensions of culture as well as conflict styles and intercultural conflict fluency.
  • Racial Identity Development: Using racial autobiographies, we will utilize our own racial existence as the doorway to understanding the impact in our own lives. Examining race in the larger context of our schools, we will discuss our immediate circumstances related to unconscious bias.
  • School Assessment and Planning: With data gathered from our contexts related to demographics, processes, systems and structures combined with the lived experience of students and staff, we will reflect on where we are, where you want to be,and chart a path forward. We will strategize for such areas as hiring diverse staff, ensuring that every member of the community feels like they belong, professional learning that achieves results in reducing biases and stereotypes, etc.
  • We will close with commitments to support each other personally across our schools.
Presentation Sponsored by:

THE PLACE: Universitas Telefónica

Thanks to the efforts of Colin Boudreau, Head of School at Ben Franklin International School in Barcelona, AISH has secured a fantastic retreat center. Universitas Telefónica is in Parc de Belloch, a park-like location with more than 130 beautiful acres located in La Roca del Vallès, 30 km north of Barcelona. For all attendees, a "Know Before You Go" will be sent in May, with directions, detailed schedule, weather, attire for activities, and contact information.

See Videos at:
Telefonica Building 1

ABOUT Barcelona:

We appreciate the efforts of Tara Boudreau, Barcelona resident, for arranging options for the spouse/partner strand. Upon registration, a menu of options will be offered for each day, including group of individual offerings.

For information about activities in Barcelona, visit:

Las Ramblas: The Heart of Barcelona
Free Things to Do in Barcelona
La Ramblas