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JOIN US! The AISH Leadership Series is here to support your growth as a leader.

Developed by an AISH leader in partnership with Global Online Academy (GOA), the AISH Leadership Series consists of Skills and Impact Courses.
Skills Courses are presented as an overview of the AISH Standards core concepts.
The Impact Courses are a deeper dive into the Standards with relevant, practical outcomes for the leader. 



Skills and Impact Course Descriptions and Registration

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ANDY PAGE-SMITH, then Head at Johannesburg American International School, shares the importance of having support “for Heads by Heads” in the unique position as Head of School.

AISH CEO DEB WELCH talks about the importance of the Head of School’s continued growth and AISH’s commitment to the development of international leaders. 


No one cares more about your leadership development than we do.  We are your colleagues who have been there and want to support your potential to impact your school community!  Have questions?  Check out our FAQ page to learn more about how our courses work and what to expect.


AISH Leadership Skills Courses


Skills Courses are asynchronous, meaning that all content and activities are published in advance and participants are invited to work on their own schedule. Each Skills Course addresses a critical leadership challenge identified by International Heads of School and can be accomplished online in one-to-two hours. You’ll gain an understanding of the topic, obtain resources, and acquire insights that can immediately be applied to your practice. Should you wish to continue investigating the ideas introduced in the Skills Courses, we invite you to sign up for the Impact Courses. which are a four-week intensive extension of the topics introduced here. 

DATES:  The first six Skills Courses are now available. Once you register for one, you may access all six. There is no time limit, and you can take them at your own pace and revisit them as many times as you wish.

COST:  FREE (AISH Members); $100 (Non-Members)

ELIGIBILITY:  Any educational leader.  Leadership teams may also take the courses together at a discounted group rate.  Please contact for information.

AISH Leadership Impact Courses

AISH Leadership Impact Courses are four weeks long, 3-5 hours per week. Customized around your needs as an educational leader, you will have choices within the courses so that the content is personalized for your strengths, needs, skills, and interests.  Based on the same topic as the Skills Course, the framework reflects what we know about great learning. An experienced AISH leader will engage you and a cohort group in practical, job-embedded discussions with activities designed for immediate application and impact. With curated, relevant resources, you'll have the opportunity to reflect on your experience in a forum of colleagues. Upon successful completion of the six Impact Courses, and review of your work by the AISH panel, you will receive AISH Leadership Certification.

DATES:  Summer Courses begin June 1, 2020

COST:  $300 (Members); $500 (Non-Members)

ELIGIBILITY:  Any educational leader.  Leadership teams may also take the courses together at a discounted group rate.  Please contact for information.