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The composition, behavior, and performance of your senior leadership team affect the performance of the school. Liz Duffy provides strategies to optimize the performance of arguably your most essential team by applying research and experimenting with tools and protocols for collaboration and team building, diversity, leadership and decision-making.  


Building Strong Leadership Teams

The Leadership Skills courses can be accomplished online in one to two hours.  You’ll gain an understanding of the topic, obtain resources, and acquire insights that can immediately be applied to your practice. You’ll also be invited to take a deeper dive and register for an Impact course.

Skills Course Outcomes

  • Obtain research on what makes for productive, strong teams and why diverse teams make better decisions.
  • Acquire practical tools for making teams more effective including the development of norms, decision-making and strategies for fostering collaboration.

SCHEDULE: Open Now. Once you register for one Skills course, you will have access to all six of them. There is no time limit and you can learn at your own pace and revisit as many times as you wish.

COST: FREE (AISH Members); $100.00 (AISH Non-Members). The fee provides access to all six Skills courses.  You only need to register once.



Building Strong Leadership Teams

AISH’s Leadership Impact courses are for four weeks, approximately 3-5 hours per week. Based on the same topic as the Skills course, the framework reflects what we know about great learning. Goals and activities are customized around your interests and needs.  Liz Duffy will engage you and a cohort group in practical, job-embedded discussions and activities designed for immediate application and impact.  Resources are curated and relevant and you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your experience in a forum of colleagues.

Impact Course Outcomes


1) Analyze your leadership team and determine one of three pathways to enhance effectiveness:

  • Foster Collaboration - Explore and utilize tools and exercises with your team to better understand each other’s leadership styles and strengths to build safety, share vulnerability and establish purpose. Experiment with a meeting roles framework.
  • Develop a Diverse Team - Review relevant research on diversity and performance and examine the make-up of your leadership team using a leadership pipeline framework.
  • Make Productive Decisions - Utilize techniques for having productive conversations and tools for making decisions that will have an impact.

2) Identify three goals that will help you improve your leadership team over the next six to nine months.

3) Reflect upon learning, utilizing the collective expertise and experience of the group, to promote leadership growth within ourselves and with others.

SCHEDULE: Offered October 1-31, 2020

COST:  $300 (AISH Members); $500 (AISH Non-Members)

Leadership teams may also take the courses together at a discounted group rate.  Please contact for information.

REGISTER NOW for Building Strong Leadership Teams

Upon completion of each Impact course, you will receive an electronic badge for display on your resume and for AISH members, on your website Profile.


Upon successful completion of six AISH Impact courses (one in each Standards area) and review of work by AISH panel, you will receive an AISH Leadership Certificate. The first six courses are the first phase of AISH’s online Leadership Series, with additional courses planned.


University Credit will be available (pending) in the form of Continuing Education Units (CEU) and graduate credit.  Information will be forthcoming.

Course Facilitator

 is the President of International Schools Services (ISS), a non-profit provider of management, educational, financial and recruitment services to international schools.  Before joining ISS in 2015, she served for 12 years as Head Master of The Lawrenceville School, a New Jersey boarding school established in 1810 that since nearly its inception has attracted students from around the world.  Duffy has also served in senior leadership roles in three educational foundations. She writes and speaks regularly about women and leadership, design thinking, strategic planning and diversity, and leadership. 

Have questions?  Check out our FAQ page to learn more specifically how our courses work and what to expect.